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The last few years have been sobering for many and what seemed like a dream or goal then no longer fits with all that is emerging today. As a empowerment coach and facilitator I offer individuals, groups and teams the opportunity to transform into the new work/life paradigm with ease and grace. 

Freedom is the sense of being capable of actions motivated solely by love

Rudolf Steiner

Ways you can work with me:

Transformation Coaching

Do you feel the need to transform to meet the new goals and dreams that are emerging for your life, work and family? Are you struggling with releasing  habits, traumas or limiting thoughts? Are you up for change and need someone to guide and support you to engage and grow in creative and fun ways? Get in contact and see what magnificent things we can achieve together 

Your Personalised Development Journey

Designing your personal development journey with you to meet your needs, desires and soul purpose. This journey can involve exploring astrology, shamanic journeying, journaling, deep personal discovery work through ancestral discovery, akashic readings or nature therapy.  This work might involve working with other practitioners or just guiding you to find the right direction for you. Get in contact and see what wonderful things unfold.

Past Life Regression

PLR therapy is a technique for accessing greater self-knowledge, health and well-being. It can be a valuable addition to your healing journey.

Transform your team

Are you struggling to lead your team and keep them motivated in this new hybrid work environment?  How are you supporting all team members’ well-being and productivity? Would you like to implement a development programme that is fun, impactful and that fits with the hybrid working environment? I specialise in developing and facilitating packages that fit your leadership aspirations and your hybrid teams needs.

Women’s Circles of Wisdom and Learning

 Are you looking for a way to support women into taking leadership in your organisation? A women’s circle is a safe space for women to come together, use their voices, be heard and be seen. Intergenerational trauma can result in many capable women, with diverse backgrounds and  wisdom, being reluctant to step up and shine at all levels in your company. Providing access to regular circling events allows woman to heal their traumas, dissolve fears and support each other into fulfilling their potential. 

When sleeping women wake, mountains move

Chinese proverb

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